I have been meeting and working with injured individuals and families for 20 years. The attorneys, claim handlers and myself have witnessed a lot of suffering over the years when settlements have been mis-managed and families are left hurting. The truth is that this profession can be very sad. We know far too many stories of settlement dollars being completely spent in very short periods of time. I don’t want you to be injured a second time by spending all of your settlement.

No person with whom I have worked, who decided to ignore our advice and later spent all of their settlement money, has ever called me to admit their mistake. When all the money is gone they just go away and hide. When their cars have been taken away and they file for bankruptcy, or are arrested for writing bad checks, they certainly don’t call me or their attorney who got the settlement for them. No one calls to thank me for NOT stopping them from spending the money.

The only thanks I do receive are from the individuals who planned well and never were conned into turning over their regular checks. I have also received the comment “why didn’t you make me put more money aside”. I have been in this business long enough that some of my original clients now have had all their annuity settlement money paid out to them and they wish they had signed up for a longer term.

So I am passionate about a balanced plan to stretch settlement dollars over time and, when necessary, put means into place to prevent future changes. What would you rather have, no money in the future or some money?

Staying Current with Medicare and Other Changes

The most recent dramatic development effecting personal injury settlements is protecting Medicare’s potential future interest in your settlement dollars. Understanding this subject is one of my priorities and I wrote a primer for personal injury attorneys in January 2011. I have provided structured settlements and document work for hundreds of workers compensation and a handful of personal injury (liability) Medicare Set Asides. There can be a lot of nuances to this process that only the experienced know. Please call or email me on your case involving a Medicare Set Aside as I know I can be of value.

My trusted resources in the related financial areas are; two trust companies, several trust attorneys and several securities firm financial gurus who all coordinate their end of this settlement planning process with me. They can be found on the resources page. These people are all available to meet or talk personally with any injured person. They are all highly experienced, allowing us to work efficiently with each other on your behalf.

I have previously held securities licenses including Registered Investment Adviser but chose to let them expire. I do not sell any securities but would refer the right individual to my trusted friends.

A Commitment to You

There is a very troubling new product being solicited to attorneys, financial planners and settlement planners. This product is taking on the name “secondary annuities” and some injured individuals are being encouraged to consider them. I will never participate in selling or supporting such a dubious scheme. The market that buys future structured settlement annuity payments (they do not buy the annuity contract as they cannot) from an injured person always need funds to make these purchases. Raising funds is their Achilles heel. So they have resorted to soliciting anyone to buy into their system of buying future structured settlement annuity checks in a very convoluted scheme. This may go the way of all things that look to good to be true but currently it is a very serious matter as it continues to prey on the injured person who rarely has their own expert advising them during this transaction.

Lastly, I am proud to declare that I have never provided, free or sold, any information concerning any injured party and their settlement to others, directly or indirectly. This declaration includes any information about their future annuity payments. If you are working with a settlement planner, please ask them if they can make a similar declaration. If they cannot or will not, I recommend you find another settlement planner because they do not have your best interest at heart; they are only interested in gratifying themselves.

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My teen years included regular participation in an excellent Boy Scout Troop in Jackson, Mississippi where I achieved the Eagle Scout Badge. Subsequently I worked at Philmont Boy Scout Ranch in Cimarron, New Mexico in the summer of 1976. Today this incredible place affects the lives of over 20,000 Scouts in a High Adventure™ every summer with a staff of over 1,000 young men and women. As a proud member of the Philmont Staff Association , I am able to give back financially for capital building campaigns and with actual time for hands on service projects in support of Philmont.

My father was a Navy pilot in World War II. He taught me about honesty and that the truth is the simplest, and rewarding, way in life. I had to learn some hard lessons with him but he was absolutely correct. “Truth fears no question”.