Attorney Contingency Fee Deferral


Medicare: Conditional Payments and Lien Recovery

Medicare’s Future Interest in Liability Settlements

Medicare: Worker’s Compensation Set-aside Arrangements

CMS Memo’s and web pages on Worker’s Compensation future medical settlements and Medicare Set Asides (PDFs):

Workers Compensation Medicare Set-aside Arrangements (WCMSA’s)

CMS Publication: WCMSA Reference Guide, January 5, 2015

CMS Publication: Self-Administration Toolkit for WCMSAs . This is an excellent publication that should be considered for delivery to all claimants settling future work comp medical with a MSA.

Social Security

Social Security, A Lifetime Annuity, what are my contributions worth? (PDF)

Life Expectancy Tables

National Vital Statistics Reports Volume 62, Number 7, January 6, 2014, United States Life Tables, 2009 (PDF)
See pages 11-14 for tables that Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) use on MSAs.


Trust Matters including Special Needs Trust (SNT)

Factoring: “Buying” structured settlement annuity checks

Wrongful Imprisonment